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Quality products, delicious and filled with love.

Our products

Even though we can create products according to your most exacting requirements, fermes PB already have delicious ready-to-make recipes. Meat or venison, blood pudding and sausages, vegetarian or side dishes. We prepare anything that you would like.

All our products are offered fresh or frozen according to the needs of the chef. The Ready-to-cook products are vacuum packed for maximum freshness.


Sophisticated and succulent dishes, just waiting to be cooked. Made with top quality natural ingredients, filled with love!

Sausages & cold cuts

One of our great specialties! Blood pudding, sausages and terrines to satisfy the most demanding taste buds. Made with high-quality ingredients, nitrite free.


Whether it’s a vegan dish or a side dish, here you’ll find flavours to convince everyone!

Create — Love — Serve

That’s our mantra. At fermes PB, we want food to have a meaning. We work in keeping with our clients’ expectations, respect for our products and respect for those who will be tasting the fruits of our labour.

About us

We are a passionate brigade, accustomed to the highest standards of quality.

Our motivation is to be the ideal workshop to test your new recipes, produce your classics and create innovative solutions to increase your profitability.

We believe in the quality of what we do. This means respecting our products and our consumers. Our reward is the smile of you who taste what we cook.

Our goal is to make your life easier. Honesty, trust and cooperation are our core values. We always aim for your complete satisfaction.

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