Create – Love – Serve


Fermes PB is made up of cooking fanatics. Thanks to a seasoned brigade, accustomed to serving the highest standards in the industry, we are always looking for additional challenges. It’s the ideal workshop to test your new recipes, produce your classics and create innovative solutions to increase your profitability. Come create with us!


When love is not an ingredient in a dish, we can taste it! In addition to our passion for all that can be savoured, we promote a philosophy of deep respect for the products we transform. We value the use of the less noble parts of the animal, we rely on the quality of the local ingredients, and on the suppliers whom we cherish.


Ferme PB is there for you, to meet your needs. Whether you want to create dishes for retail sale or to count on a central kitchen for your establishments, your satisfaction is our priority. For us, honesty, trust and cooperation are cardinal values.

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