Our vegetarian offer

Whether it’s a vegan dish or a side dish, here you’ll find flavours to convince everyone!

Here, you’ll find delicious vegetarian and vegan solutions.

From butter chickpeas to BBQ seitan, our dishes are savoury and beautifully textured. They can be made gluten and allergen free.

Fermes PB also suggest the creation of side dishes worthy of the greatest tables.

Pulled jackfruit BBQ sauce with lentils
Butter chickpeas
Vegetarian chili
Tofu scrumble in sandwich
Chana Masala
Nachos with mexicain style vegan crumble
Tofu scrumble for brunch
Vegan crumble in Shepherd’s Pie
Cracked smoked dried chickpeas
Vegan mac'n'cheese
Dried chickpeas in salad